Jumio’s Netverify System Impresses Many Who Learn About It

While activity online is often not as anonymous as many people suppose, it is true that it can be much more difficult to track down identities there than in the world of everyday life. In some cases, this matters relatively little, as when pseudonymous comments online might rankle the sensibilities of certain readers, but only just a bit.

In others, though, the costs associated with this phenomenon can be a lot more imposing and difficult to bear. In particular, criminals armed with stolen credit card details have historically found it to be quite easy to make use of them online, even where they would have difficulty paying at brick and mortar stores. In other cases, identity thieves have been able to use the identity obscuring nature of the Internet to open accounts that ended up causing a great deal of trouble to their victims.

Verifying Identities in Reliable, Unobtrusive Ways

Business that maintain presences online have long recognized the whole array of related issues and taken steps to avoid them. Unfortunately, most of these efforts have turned out to be, at best, only partially effective. Worse, many of them end up inconveniencing the many customers who are truthful about who they are and otherwise entirely aboveboard in their actions.

What has been for quite some time is therefore a way of verifying actual identities without imposing too much trouble or difficulty. As those who learn about it online will see, Jumio’s Netverify technology has proved to be just such an answer.

A Smart, Straightforward Technological Approach to Identity Verification

As a thoroughly modern solution that makes a great deal of sense, Netverify revolves around the submission of images taken of particular pieces of identification. With driver’s licenses, passports, and other official documents from more than 200 countries covered in the system, just about any identity can be verified, given the presence of an appropriate credential.

All that this takes is for a customer or hopeful account owner to simply snap a picture of the identification document in question and have it submitted. Thereafter, the system automatically and reliably decides whether the individual is actually the person they claim to be. Thanks to that simple approach, some of the problems that online anonymity can otherwise present become a lot less formidable.

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